What are Inputs?

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In the User Interfaces  page you can create UIs. To create functional UIs, you need to add elements. Inputs are elements that allow the app-maker to gain information from end-users, and the end-user to interact with the app.

Before moving forward, read our Getting Started with User Interfaces article to make sure you understand the fundamentals of UIs.

Note: We recommend you add inputs to Containers. Learn more here.

Make use of Inputs

There are multiple types of Inputs and to see the full list and add these elements to your UI you need to expand the Inputs menu on the left side of the screen.


Provides suggestions while typing into the field

Button [API]

Performs a specific API-based command

Button [Document]

It generates a document that has a template attached to it

Button [Attachment Download]

Downloads a previous uploaded attachment


Performs a specific command

Option List

List catalog as options.


Allows the user to make or multiple choices

Date-time picker

Ehe end-user can pick the date and time

Drop-down list

Expands a list from where the user can select a value

Export CSV

Add the option to export CSV.


Plain text


Add read only text.


Control that allows the user to choose a value from a preset interval


Record video and audio.

Static image

Add a static image


Add plain text on multiple lines


Add plain text on a single line


Toggles change the state of a single option. Toggles can be switched on or off by pressing or swiping them.


Allows the user to upload files and any kind of attachments to the server