Getting started with Document Builder

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In the Document Builder page the user can create, upload or edit a template for a specific process/processes.

The business process owner can design and generate documents by making use of data received through apps from the assigned end-users. The criteria for document generation implies adding elements from a Data Model and attaching the document template to a button inside the UI.

Customization can be done in a matter of minutes, as per your company’s requirements and changes that can develop through a project’s life cycle.

When you access the Document Builder page, you will be able to:

  • Select an existing doc

  • Create new doc

Document editor

The document editor is located on the upper part of the screen. Using the Add Icon  on the left you can view and add dynamic elements from the Data Model. Those will be automatically filled in when the document is generated.


  • Preview  - Download the document in .PDF format so you can review it.

  • Save      - Save the document into the Aurachain database.

  • Add       - You can add a new document.

  • Remove  - You can delete a selected document

The document supports tables or templates copied from Microsoft Word or Excel. Each element from Data Model can be added as a dynamic element (e.g. customer name populated with the corresponding element from Data Model, when generating the document, the name will be retrieved from the database).