How to create a blockchain app / blockchain-ready app

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You can add Blockchain stages and events in your Aurachain application.

However, we highly recommend you first read our articles that guide Citizen Developers and help them understand the ins and outs of Aurachain.

You can add blockchain components to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your business processes. You can add these blockchain components after you've set up your workflow to capture/receive all the required offchain information/data.

Now, let's see what kind of elements you can add in your process flow to create a blockchain app or to make an application blockchain-ready.

Blockchain components inside of Aurachain

On the left part of the screen you can find Blockchain components that you can drag & drop on your canvas.

You can configure Activity Details almost like you would a normal Aurachain stage element. In order to fill in the details here, first of all you must build a Smart Contract. Find out more here about Activity Details.

In addition to standard Aurachain stages, you can have enabled two new customization options, found on the right part of the screen:

  • Configure Blockchain Fields to Send (Out Params)
    • Map all the request data that your application needs to function properly (in essence, functions set up at Smart Contract level and variables)
  • Configure Blockchain Return Fields to Receive
    • Set up the type of information this stage will receive (variables)

Upon save, start and activation of app

After you save the application, it will allow you to click on the smart contract preview button.

Upon activation, however, the smart contract will be automatically generated, compiled and published on the blockchain.