Getting Started with the Aurachain Portal

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With the Aurachain Portal, users have an intuitive and easy to use UI to keep track of their work tasks and applications.

The Dashboard

This is the main point of interaction with Aurachain.


Within the Dashboard window, users can easily assess their and their team's work and tasks and start processes.

With this in mind, let's break down the most important elements in the Dashboard.

OverviewOn the top part of the screen, you can view and access all tasks distributed based on statuses.
Task ChartsTasks organized by priority and status displayed in a chart like manner.
Task ExplorerA list of tasks that can be sorted (by priority, due date, status and application) and searched through.
ApplicationsA rundown of all applications created within the Aurachain Platform. You can start applications from here.
Users and GroupsOption available only for Admin users or process owners. A list of all existing users and roles.

Time to deadline and Priority are also exposed for each task.

Tasks Explorer

By clicking on the View All button, the user will open up the specific task dashboard.


Here, the user can:

  • view all the tasks and filter them based on status, priority, date or by application

  • view active or completed tasks

  • open a task

  • search for tasks