How to Expose API Types?

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In the APIs  page you can Expose APIs.

Expose API type is where the clients are defined. A Client is a system with access to call Aurachain's methods (standard methods defined).

Where do I set it up?

An Expose API Type can be set up in Diagrams  using the Start from External Source element.

Note: You can add only one API Start in the business process flow.

Expose an API Type

In the APIs  page, click on the Add New button and then choose the option  Expose  .

Exposed Properties:


The name of the external system that consumes the API


Business description of the API

Allow access only for custom domains

Domain of the external system that will call Aurachain to retrieve information from. Only certain domains can access your exposed APIs

After adding the Exposed API, you will be able to see: 

Client ID

Credentials that are used when connecting to Aurachain

Client Secret

Other type of credentials that are used when connecting to Aurachain

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