How to Consume API Types?

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In the APIs  page you can Consume APIs.

When do you use the Consume option?

Basically, you need to use this option when Aurachain connects to a web-service exposed by an external system/app. It consumes only WSDL and SWAGGER web-services.

Note: The system to which Aurachain will connect, should have the web-service developed, so that it can be configured in Aurachain.

Where do I set it up?

You can set an API  either on a Call Activity element in the Diagrams  page or by adding it to a Button API defined in the Interface Builder  page.

To learn more about how to configure them, check our other Web Help articles:

  • From Process Designer

  • From Interface Builder

Create new Consume API

In the APIs  page, click on the  Add New button and then choose the option from the right sidebar, Consume . (Tip: The Consumed option will be automatically selected when you open the sidebar).

Consume Properties:


Short name used to identify the API when using it


There are two types of Consume APIs supported by Aurachain. This dropdown list contains WSDL and SWAGGER.


Add the external system’s domain that will be called by Aurachain to retrieve information.


Business description

Requires authentication

This checkbox enables User and Password authentication. It is provided by the external system.


It sends you back to the previous window so you can choose other API options.


Basically, it’s a submit button. It adds the information from the web-service created by the external system.

Upload Webservice

Upload a jSON file / WSDL file;  

In this new window, you can see the following fields/elements exposed.


The name of the selected API


A list with the selected method


The domain from the external system that will be called by Aurachain to retrieve information

View existing Consumed APIs

In the APIs  page, choose the option, Consume . The system will show you only the consumed APIs.

In this window, you can:

  • View all the APIs exposed to your user.

  • Select your API and edit description and picture.

  • Select your API and remove it by clicking Delete button from the APIs three dotted menu.

  • Select your API and refresh it for up to date information by clicking on the Refresh button from the APIs three dotted menu.

Note: You first need to create/add APIs if you want to select one.

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