Try experimental features in Aurachain

Experimental features are pre-releases that you can turn on to test and share feedback about. You can choose what experimental features to use just by accessing the Labs tab in the Admin module.

Features explained...

Here you will find two states for the new features: Stable and Experimental.

The stable features are pre-releases that that are already tested by our Quality Assurance team but have minor issues.

The experimental features are pre-releases that you have the opportunity to test before anyone else and share feedback about. You can tell us what you like or dislike or perhaps ways to improve. 

These stable an experimental features can only be turned on if you have the right permissions (e.g. Admin rights)

To turn on the new features, you'll need to access the Labs tab within the Admin module. 

  1. Access the Admin module from the main menu 
  2. In the top right corner, click SettingsSettings and then Settings
  3. Under “Admin” and pick Labs.
  4. Flip the switch for the desired feature in order to take effect.
  5. At the top left of the page, click Save.

Now, you have access to the new features.