My app doesn't send notifications. Do I need to activate the Relay mode?

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Yes, you need to activate the Relay mode so the notifications set up in your process can be sent.

The Relay mode can help you configure notifications throughout the process. You can configure notifications even though the relay mode is not activated, but when you will run the process, the notifications will not be sent.

Activate the Relay mode

Only an admin can activate the Relay mode.

If you are the Aurachain administrator, go to the Admin  page. If not, contact your organization’s Aurachain administrator.

To activate the Relay mode:

  • Go to the Messaging and Com section.

  • Check the value of the SMTP_SERVER field.

  • If the field is populated with a localhost value, you must create a new ticket to activate the relay mode.

  • After the ticket is resolved/relay mode activated, you will receive the relay IP from the IT Department.

  • Replace the value localhost in the field SMTP_SERVER with the IP received from the IT Department.

  • Click the Save button in the editor area to save the changes.

Note: If the SMTP_SERVER field has a valid IP address, but notifications are still not sent to the specific Users/Roles, please raise a new ticket stating this.