How do I delete an app?

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Well here is the catch. You cannot delete an App per say because of all the valuable data within it. But you will be able to Archive it.

Only the Process owner or an Admin are able to archive an application in order to hide it from “Your Application” page.

The archiving all types of applications such as:

  • Not published,
  • Published
  • Published with unpublished changes

Please bear in mind that:

  • All instances of an application will be archived when the application is archived.

  • All the running instances will be terminated.

  • All the instances will have “archived” status.

  • All active tasks are closed and user can't start new instances.

  • The application elements: Diagram, UIs, Document templates, APIs, Data model &Catalogs will not be accessible anymore.

Note that you will always be alerted that the “archive” action was successful/unsuccessful as per case.