How do I add/edit/delete Groups?

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Only Application Owners can add/edit/delete Groups.

If you are a user with edit rights, go to the Application Settings  page.

In the Application Settings page go to the Application Specific Groups section.

Add new Groups

Just click on the "Add new" button (its already selected by the system). The system will display a new sidebar, on the right side of the screen, in which you can set up the new Group and click the Save button.

Groups Properties:

  • Name: The name used to identify a particular group
  • Add users: you can add users to groups

Add new Users to Groups

When adding or editing a group you can select or deselect the users you want, or not, to be a part of that group.

You can choose just one user or multi select users. If you can't seem to find the user you were looking for, you refer to your Platform Administrator who can easily add the respective user manually.

Don't forget to click the Save button.

Set up a Manager for a Group

When adding or editing a group you can select the user, from within that group, you want to be the manager.

You can only choose one manager for each group that you have in the platform but of course you can change that at any time. If your business has no need for managers to groups you can easily delete them just by clicking on the bin icon  

Don't forget to click the Save button.

Note: A Group can contain multiple Users. Users can have multiple groups.

Edit Groups

To change the name of a Group, simply click on the Edit button found on the group blade.