Giving users access to specific applications

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Only an admin or a user with Editor type of permissions can give other users permissions on different applications.

To give a user permissions to either Initiate, Edit or View Reports, for specific applications you need to:

  • Go to the Apps page.
  • From there you have to choose an app and click either on the Apps name or on the Edit button. 

  • Go to Users and Permissions section and click on the Give Access button.

  • Now just select from the side bar, displayed by the system, the type of permissions you want to give and to what user and then click on Save. Is that simple.

Or you can refer to How do I add/edit/delete Groups? where you will find the step by step to give permissions from the Application Settings page.

The new user can now log in and make use of his/hers new permissions.

New user

If the user isn’t already in your Aurachain database you first need to create a new user from the Admin page. 

Note: You can give the new user whatever rights you desire. The default is Aurachain User but, for example, if you want the user to edit and modify apps you can give him/her the status of Aurachain Process Owner ( app- maker).